This year you are welcome on the camp ground from Thursday, july, 10 2014 until saturdaymorning july,12 09h00.
From Sunday evening 13/07/2014 19h00 verhicles can be brought on the camp ground for those who want to break camp. By mondayevening 14/07/2014 everyone must have left the camp ground.


Re-enactors who wish to participate this year can register as follow;

Indianist send a mail to

Militairy send a mail to

Trappers, mountainmen send a mail to

Cowboys, Cilvils, pioneers, lawmen, texas rangers send a mail to daniel_delbeck@hotmail.ccom

Mentioning following infirmation;

From EVERY participant we need all requested data
If the data is not complete, we can not subscribe you!!

Once the registration of persons / groups is done you receive a confirmation via email.

For more information you can always call or email:

- Annick Van Peteghem 0032 499 944 017